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by Alfano
Price $510.00

This package includes:
1- PRO III EVO Alfano system
1- Magnetic Lap Time Sensor
1- RPM Sensor
2- AA Batteries


The EVO PRO3  :

This system is the result of our experience from over more than 20 years, both the technology reliability.

Features of the  PRO III evo ” STAND ALONE UNIT “:


  • the possibility of receiving a speed sensor without having to go through the installation of a box, there by allowing to obtain the speed and accurately display the gearbox ratios
  • option for two temperature sensors simultaneously
  • the choice between magnetic sensor or infrared sensor for time management
  • engine speed (RPM)
  • connect a USB interface for downloading data cable will also update your PRO III evo with our future firmwares
  • connect a module GPS2 / GPS4
  • connect in the future 3G module (not currently available device)
  • 11 configurable LEDs for RPM, temperature T1 and T2, Lambda


Features of “EXTENSIONS” that can be added to ‘STAND ALONE UNIT':


  • the GPS4 that offers GPS / Bluetooth / 3-axis G-Force and the ability to connect two other temperatures / Lambda, a second speed sensor and, like the GPS2, a gray input for connecting either a USB interface for the download cable or – in the future – connecting a 3G module (not currently available device)

Reliability  : This product is derived from the mechanical design of our older products that have offered us so much satisfaction standpoint reliability.


Android application  : This application will allow connection via Bluetooth Modules GPS2 / GPS4 download your data on a smartphone, a tablet, so to visualize your performance at the track or at home.


Detailed technical

  • Timing to the hundredth of a second
  • 1 input for the magnetic setting time or Infrared 
  • 1 connection for the engine speed (RPM)
  • 1 temperature input
  • Possibility of an additional temperature (with Article A2190 optional)
  • 1 speed sensor input (A2192 or A2193 with Article)
  • Data storage up to 10Hz
  • 5 meter long “power stroke”
  • 11 type of racing displays
  • Menu complete integrated analysis in the PRO III EVO (maximum, minimum, graphic, best times, best part etc …)
  • Menu Full Configuration (Peak, 3 drivers, alarms, various settings etc …)
  • Backlight
  • Integrated 6 languages ​​available
  • 9 Leds: RPM / Temperature / (or Lambda Module with GPS4)
  • 2 Alarm LED temperatures
  • 1 input for USB connection (article) to download the data, manage circuits or update the PROIII EVO
  • Possible evolution through system updates (new race display connection to the future GSM 3G module, etc …)
  • water proof to IP56 standards
  • Screen (mm / pixels): 75×45 / 160×94
  • Dimension (mm): 133.5 x 90 x 28
  • Weight: 434 grams

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